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A Year in Fashion: 1918

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  Excerpt from Book

  Harmonious Color Combinations in Dress

  May 1918

  Women’s Part in the War Industry During World War 1 (article)

  December 1918

 Bulletin (monthly journal): National Association of Retail Clothiers

  And What Now? Clothiers Everywhere Asking What is Going to Happen In Clothing Business as Result of Sudden Coming of Peace (Introduction to survey)

  What the Designers Think

  What the Clothing Manufacturers Think

  Views of Furnishing Goods Manufacturers (Accessories)

  Are Large Knicker Suits Doomed?

  Christmas Shopping Order Rescinded by Defense Council

  Economic Report 1918: U.S. Compared to the World

  National Association to Conduct School of Instruction on Fundamentals of Clothing Business

  Monthly Report of War Service Committee

  New Styles in Straw Hats to be Permitted

  Spring Style Regulations

  U.S. Must Use Its Cotton as Weapon in Trade After Peace

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