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A Year in Fashion: 1911

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1911 Sewing Manual

We are in the process of adding to this manual.
Currently three chapters are online.
Please check back often.


 Chapter 1: Sewing Stitches

  Making A Knot


  Even Basting

  Uneven Basting

  Combination Basting

  Diagonal Basting

  Running Stitch


  Half Back-stitch

  Combination Stitch



  Catch-stitch or Cat-stitch


  Flat Fell Seam

  French Seam


  Standard Hem

  Napery or Damask

  Rolled Hem

  Ruffled Hems


 Square Corners

 Mitered Corners




 Embroidery Edging used as a Facing

 To Join Embroidery in a Tuck

  Embroidery Inserted

  Whipping on Trimming

  Lace Insertions

 To Insert Lace Insertion

 Insertion above a Facing

  Mitered Trimmings

 Chapter 2: Buttonholes

 Barred Buttonhole 

 Round-End Buttonhole

 Tailorís Buttonhole

 Blind Loops


 Methods of Sewing on Buttons

 Chapter 3: Darning And Mending



 Running Darn 

 Woven Darn 


 Broken Stitch 

 Dropped Stitch 

 Set in a Piece 

 Under-laid Piece Darned In 


 Flannel Patch 

 Hemmed Patch 

 Overhand Patch 

 Patched with Mending Tissue or Tailors' Tissue 

 Stoting Tears 

 Chapter 4: Practical and Ornamental Stitches

 Sewing Tacks

 Tailors' Tacks

 Bar Tacks

 Arrowhead Tacks

 Crow's Foot Tacks

 Decorative Stitches

 Chain Stitch


 Blanket Stitch

 Embroidered Scallops

 French Knots



 Gaging or French Gathers

 Tuck Shirring

 Scallop or Snail Shirring

 Cord Shirring


 Preparing the Material for Smocking

 Simple Smocking

 Fancy Smocking

 Outline Smocking

 Cable Smocking

 Diamond Smocking

 Chapter 5: Bias Trimmings

 Bais Bands 

 True Bias

 Joining Bias Strips

 Bands or Folds Used as Trimming

 Unlined Fold

 Lined Fold

 Piped Fold

 Double Folds

 Milliner's Folds

 Tailor's Straps



 Chapter 6: Plackets

 Underwear Plackets 

 Un-lined Dress Plackets

 Plackets for Cloth Skirts


 Placket-hole at the Center of an Inverted Plait

 Placket-hole at the Right of an Inverted Plait

 Placket-hole at Center of Habit-back Skirt

 Placket-hole at Side or Front

 Placket-hole Under a Strapped Seam

 Placket-hole in a Skirt Set with Same Belt

 Chapter 7: Aprons and Flannel Petticoats

 Making an Apron 

 Flannel Petticoat or Under-shirt

 Chapter 8: Making and Finishing Undergarments




 Corset Covers 

 Combination Garments 


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