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1910 Menswear Fabric

An inspection of the beautifully conservative colors to be found in men's fabrics for Spring and Summer 1910 evidences the arrival of a season of blues and grays.

Additional to the staple navy blues are such novelties as marine, kingfisher and stone blues, while in company with all the various gray mixtures in black and white, will be found numerous modifications of the stone grays.

Greens are offered in dark bottle, medium olive, and greyish shades, and there is also a sprinkling of tans and some tobacco shade browns.

In the solid colors, stripes of varying width predominate, and in the mixtures, fancy weave stripes are shown with minute color thread effects. There are also hair-line stripes, self patterns, shepherd plaids, and broken and pin-head checks.

Aside from its general beauty and good quality, the line we present for Spring and Summer merits your consideration on the strength of the fact that fully one-half the styles are patterns confined exclusively to us, making it possible for you to obtain clothes that will not be common.

Hard-faced and mill-finished Worsteds continue to lead in popularity, although we present an extensive assortment of fancy cassimeres, cheviots and soft wool goods to meet the growing demand for these fabrics. Our showings of broadcloth, vicuna, drape, doeskin are very strong.

Our line is not only all-wool and all-worsted but made up for the purpose of giving particular dressers the highest values, neatest designs and most complete satisfaction that can be obtained for the money.


Men's Togs Catalog, Moretz Whitener Clothing Company, Chicago, Illinois, Spring and Summer, 1910, Vol. XIII, No. IX, p.3.

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