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A Year in Fashion: 1899

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 1899 Hair Care Book (INDEX BELOW)
Click chapter title to read the entire chapter, or section subtitle for specific topics.
   Chapter I. – Health And Hair
 Chapter II. – Cause Of Hair Loss
   Either Local Or Constitutional
   Hair of the Sexes Compared
   Hair Growth
 Chapter III. – Scalp Massage
 Chapter IV. – Massage By Pulling The Hair
   How It Is Done
   Partially Dead Hairs Must Be Removed
   Permanent Loss Of Hair Caused Indirectly By Fear Of Removing Dead Hair
   Removal Of Partially Dead Hairs Emphatically Insisted Upon
   An Odd Theory Proven To Be A Fact
 Chapter V. – How Often Should The Scalp Be Washed
   Refuse, Animal Filth Must Be Removed
   Scalp Covered With Long Hair Needs Cleansing Less Often
 Chapter VI. – Hot And Cold Applications


 Chapter VII. – Brushing And Combing


 Chapter VIII. – Cause Of Baldness
   Is Baldness Remediable
   A Remedy For Baldness
   How To Kill Microbes


 Chapter IX. – Luxuriant Beards - Bald Heads
   Pulling Process Strengthens Beard
   The Advantage Of Thorough Cleanliness
   Reverse Conditions And Men’s Faces Will Be “Bald”


 Chapter X. – Excessive Loss Of Hair
   Advice For Women
   Advice For Men


 Chapter XI. – Brain Work, Obesity, Perspiration, Unhappiness
   Danger In Obesity
   Influence Of Perspiration
   Cleanse Scalp Of Perspiration
   Don’t Court Insanity


 Chapter XII. – Dandruff


 Chapter XIII. – Gray Hair


 Chapter XIV. – Abnormal Hair Growth


 Chapter XV. – Eyebrows And Eyelashes


 Chapter XVI. – Fake Hair Growers - Color of Hair


 Chapter XVII. – General Information
   Importance Of Bathing
   Tight-Fitting Or Heavy Hats
   Excessive Dietetic Indulgence—Its Effect On The Hair
   Emotional Life
   Can Baldness Or Thin Hair Be Inherited
   The Effects Of Dissipation On The Hair
   Sun Baths
   Curling And Crimping
   Injury Resulting From Dyes
   Indestructibility Of The Hair
   Does Hair Grow After Death
   Strength of Hair


 Chapter XVIII. – Ordinary Care Of The Hair
   Abbreviated Instructions To Women
   Abbreviated Instructions To Men

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