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Fashion Designers of 1896

Ladies high-fashion dresses from two catalogs. The businesses were contracted to take orders for the designers. Below are 38 dresses representing 14 fashion designers that were available for 1896.

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Jules Bister: Berlin, Germany

Emilia Bossi: Florence, Italy

Debenham & Freebody:: London, England

House of Drécoll: Austria & Paris

M. Felix: Paris, France

De Gaspari, Rosa e Torta: Turin, Italy

George Henry Lee & Company: Liverpool, England

Hirsch & Cie: Brussels, Belgium

A. Izambard: St. Petersburg, Russia

Alfred Manning: Dublin, Ireland

Maison E Minangoy: Moscow, Russia

Simpson, Hunter & Young: Glasgow

House of Ullmann & Strauss: Frankfort, Germany

M.A. Vogels: The Hague, Holland/Netherlands

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