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A Year in Fashion: 1893

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Articles and Fashion Images

  January 1893

 Fashion Industry Trade News: Fashion Industry Trade News: What Retailers are Showing in New York City

 Fashion Industry Trade News: Gloves

  May 1893

  The Seasons Prettiest Hand Fans

  June 1893

 An Empress at Home: Empress Augusta Victoria (article)

 Fashion Industry Trade News:

Business in Chicago

English Fashions and Trades

Hosiery Tariff

Paris: Looking Towards 1830s Styles

  Wedding of HRH Prince of Wales, Prince George (Grandson of Queen Victoria) TO Victoria Mary of Teck

  August 1893

  Dainty Lingerie of To-day (articles)

 Article Introduction

 The Dainty Dressing Sacque

 Nightgowns in Which to Dream


 The Proper Corset

 Some Other Lingerie

 Conclusion: A Few Last Words

  September 1893

 Advice Column: Hints on Home Dressmaking (article)

 Advice Column: The Small Belongings of Dress (article)

 Dressing Our Little Women (article)

 Fashion Plates: Boys' Fashions (5 images)

 Fashion Plates: Girls' Fashions (ages 5-11) (5 images)

 Fashion Plates: Ladies' Fashions (15 images)

 Fashion Plates: Little Girls' Fashions (ages 2-5) (7 images)

 Fashion Plates: Misses Fashions (Puberty-Teenagers) (6 images)

 Fashion Plates: The Woman at Forty (article)

  Two Faces Seldom Seen: The Daughter of a President, and the Widow of a Soldier (2 articles)

 The Daughter of Andrew Johnson

 The Widow of Stonewall Jackson Written by Mrs. Jefferson Davis

  October 1893

 Late Victorian Hair Care (article)

  November 1893

 Accessories: Gloves: About Selecting Gloves (article)

 Accessories: Shoes: The Foot and Its Covering (article)

 Accessories: Umbrellas: Choice of the Umbrella (article)

  December 1893

 How Little Lord Fauntleroy Occured and a Very Real Boy Became an Ideal One (article)

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