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1882 Book of Etiquette


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Below is the table of contents for the book, "American Etiquette and Rules of Politeness," that was published in 1882. You may view the table of contents at no charge. To VIEW the excerpts of this book, you need a Library subscription from The Costume Gallery's Research Library. IF you do not have a subscription, please click HERE.

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 A Gentleman's Conduct Toward Young Ladies

 A Lady's Conduct Towards Gentlemen

 Hasty Proposals

 The Rejected Suitor

 Thorough Acquaintances Before Marriage

 Engagement Ring

 Proper Manner of Courtship

 Position of an Engaged Woman

 Vigilance Required by Parents

 Position of an Engaged Man

 Requirements for a Happy Marriage

 Relations of an Engaged Couple

 Do Not Press an Unwelcome Suit

 Breaking an Engagement

 A Lady's First Refusal



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 Consistency in Dress


 Walking Suit

 Evening Dress for Gentleman

 Extravagance in Dress

 Morning Dress for Gentleman

 Indifference to Dress

 Jewelry for Gentleman

 Appropriate Dress

 LADIES (continued)


 Dress for Ladies of Business

 Evening Dress for Ladies

 Ordinary Evening Dress

 Ball Dress

 Dress for Social Party

 Full Dinner Dress

 Dress for Church

 Dress of a Hostess at a Dinner Party

 Croquet, Archery and Skating Costumes

 Showy Dress

 Dress for the Theatre

 Dress for Receiving Calls

 Dress for Lecture and Concert

 Carriage Dress

 Bathing Costume

 Visiting Costumes

Traveling dress

 Dress for Morning Calls

 The Wedding Dress

 Morning Dress for Street

 Dress of Bridesmaids

 Promenade Dress

 Traveling Dress of a Bride

 Opera Dress

 Dress at Wedding Receptions

 Riding Dress



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 Invitation to a Funeral

 Order of the Procession

 Funeral Arrangements

 Floral Decorations

 The House of the Mourning

 Calls Upon the Bereaved Family

 Funeral Services

 Habiliments of Mourning

 The Pall-Bearers



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 Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

 Weddings at Home

 Bridal Costume

 Evening Wedding

 Costumes of the Bridegroom and Ushers

 The Wedding Ring

 Presents of the Bride and Bridegroom


 Cermonials When There are no Ushers or Bridesmaids

 Bridal Presents

 The Latest Ceremonials

 Arrangments of the Ceremonies

 The Ushers' Duties




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Website Bibliographical Information:

American Etiquette and Rules of Politeness. Illinois: Chicago, Rand, McNally & Co. Publishing, 1882.

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