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A Year in Fashion: 1871

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  Embroidery Pattern: Female Name: Pauline

  March 1871

  Embroidery Patterns: Seven Female Names:
Alice, Annie, Beatrice, Fanny, Lizzie, Lucie, Martha

Alice Annie Beatrice Fanny Lizzie Lucie Lucie

  APRIL 1871

 Article: Color in Dress

 Article: How to Wash Lace

 Article: Paris Fashions' Influence

  Embroidery Pattern: Female Name: Gabrielle

  Needlework Patterns: Embroidery & Braiding: Pattern 1; Pattern 2

  MAY 1871

  Embroidery Pattern: Alphabet (lower case letters)

 Ladies' Sewing Pattern: Crinoline

  JUNE 1871

  Embroidery Pattern: Female Name: Berthe

  JULY 1871

 Article: Latest in Hairstyles

 Article: Mourning: New and Stylish Dresses

  Embroidery Patterns: Five Female Names:
Anna, Catherine, Jenny, Josephine, Rachel

Anna Catherine Jenny
Josephine Rachel


  Embroidery Patterns: Five Female Names:
Caroline, Rose, Sophie

Caroline Rose Sophie

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