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The following will take you through the process we use to restore fashion plates to their original beauty. We use this process digitally on all of our images.

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Restoration Animation | Plate Comparison | Completed Restoration



  To view an animation of the Restoraton phases CLICK HERE.

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Phase 1

Background Cleaning

Time: 1 hr. 45 mins.

Head-dress: 45 mins.

Phase 2A

Bodice Cleaning

Time: 3 hrs. 35 mins.

Phase 2B

Bodice Cleaning Complete

Time: 1 hr. 15 mins.

Phase 3

Sleeves & Hands Cleaning Complete

Time: 2 hrs. 18 mins.

Phase 4

Ruffle between the Flounce and Skirt

Time: 1 hr. 55 mins.

Phase 5A

First Panel of the Skirt

2 hrs. 17 mins.


Phase 5B

Second Panel of the Skirt 

1 hr. 10 mins.

Phase 5C

Right Center Front

Skirt Panel

1 hr. 7 mins.

Phase 5D

Right Side Skirt Panel

6 hrs. 12 mins.

Phase 6A

Left Side of Skirt Flounce

1 hr. 45 mins

Phase 6B

Center Front

Skirt Flounce

3 hrs. 15 mins.


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Restoration Animation

Plate Comparison

Completed Restoration

Phase 6C

Right Side of Flounce

1 hr. 35 mins.


Restoration Complete

Total time on Project:

28 hrs. 39 mins.



Website Bibliographical Information:

The Ladies Cabinet of Fashion, Music, & Romance. England: London, Vol. XIV, July, 1838.

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