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A Year in Fashion: 1814

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BOOK: Picturesque Representations of The Dress and Manners of the English: British Occupations

Etiquette Book: Principles of Politeness and of Knowing the World by Lord Chesterfield

  Chapter 1: Introduction

  Chapter 2: Modesty

  Chapter 3: Genteel Carriage

  Chapter 4: Cleaniness of Person

  Chapter 5: Dress

  Chapter 6: Elegance of Expression

  Chapter 7: Address, Phraseology, and Small Talk

  Chapter 8: Observation

  Chapter 9: Absence of Mind

  Chapter 10: Knowledge of the World

  Chapter 11: Choice of Company

  Chapter 12: Laughter

  Chapter 13: Sundry, Little Accomplishments

  Chapter 14: Employment of Time

  Chapter 15: Dignity of Manners

  Chapter 16: Rules for Conversation

Website Bibliographical Information:

Chesterfield, Lord, aka, Philip Dormer Stanhope, "Principles of Politeness and of Knowing the World" England: Jesse Varney and CE., 1814, pp. 8 - 10.

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