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Milanese Tailors Handbook


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Liturgical Colors Since Pope Pius V Reign (1566-1572)


V&A Elizabethan Costume Collection


An Act Enforcing Statutes of Apparel, 1574


Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California


Celtic Dress of the 16th Century


Elizabethan Embroidery


Elizabethan Costuming


Tudor Dress: A Portfolio of Images


Codpiece International


Caroso's Il Ballarino's Images from 1581


More Elizabethan Costumes


Elizabethan Corsets


Lady Alisoun's Closet Reveal'd


Manuscript Images from the Library of Congress

Elector Frederick the Wise (1463-1525) From the manuscript: Wahrhaftige Abcontrafactur und Bildnis aller Grossherzogen von Sachsen (Authentic Representations and Portraiture of All the Grand Dukes of Saxony) Dresden, 1586, p.24a Vellum (19).

Swabian Peasants during the Peasants War, 1524-1526. From the pamplet (rare): Handlung, Artikel und Instruction von allen Rotten und Haufen der Bauern (Act, Articles and Instruction Concerning all Gangs and Mobs of Farmers) 1525, title page Paper (26).

Johann Friedrich the Magnanimous, Elector 1532-1547. Imagines Electorum Saxoniae (Images of the Electors of Saxony) Wittenberg, 1570, p. 9 Paper (35).

Fecht-, Ring- und Turnierbuch (Booleavesk of Fencing, Wrestling, and Jousting) Ca. 1550, leaves 77b, 78a Paper (60).

Equestrian Costume, Gründlicher Bericht und Ordnung der Gebisse (Thorough Report on Equestrian Dentistry) 1576, leaves 22b, 23a Paper (62).

Louis XII makes a triumphal entry into Genoa, Le Voyage de Genes (Voyage de Genes), c. 1507.

Henry of Albret, King of Navarre (1517-1555), Initiatoire instruction en la religion chrestienne pour les enffans (Beginning Instruction in the Christian Religion for Children.) circa 1527.

Henry II (1547-1569) healing the diseased with his touch, Hours of Henry II, 1547-1550.

Artists of the Time

Altdorfer, Albrecht (1480-1538)

Da Vinci, Leonardo (1452-1519)

Durer, Albrecht (1471-1528)

Holbein, Hans the Younger (1497-1543)

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